Online Training

Industry studies have shown employee-training budgets for most water and wastewater utilities are tighter than ever. Web-based operator certification and license renewal training provides employers and their employees the flexibility to take training courses at their own pace without the hassle and cost of attending live classes. Studies show online training can be as effective as, or even more effective than, live classroom instruction, correspondence or CD-ROM-based courses. Plus, online training is more convenient, less expensive and easier to manage.

No Travel Cost
Water and wastewater utilities can save a significant amount of money using e-Learning versus having employees travel great distances in order to attend instructor-led classroom training. Just think of the time and money that can be saved by not having the expense of a hotel, meals, and the lost productivity of your employee’s time.

Convenience of Anytime, Anywhere Training
Students can log onto e-Learning courses at home or office, day or night. In order to access e-Learning, all you will need is a computer with a 56k or better Internet connection.

Self-Paced Lessons
Students move through the e-Learning courses at their own pace. A quiz at the end of most modules reinforces the student’s knowledge of the subject matter. Students who master 70 percent of the material in each module will advance to the next. The e-Learning system allows a student to exit and return to the course at any time.

Easy to Use
e-Learning courseware is very user-friendly and is designed to keep the attention of the student through the use of charts, graphs, and other interactive technology.

Variety of Courses Available
Water and wastewater operators registering for e-Learning courses will have a menu of courses from which to choose. We are constantly adding and updating courseware to reflect changing industry needs and regulations.

Automated Course Tracking
Automated tracking of student progress and completion of classes is easy to access and manage. Information is readily available to the student or employers and customized reports can be printed.