Public Relations Materials
"Helping you better serve your customers"

Public Relations Material

"Helping you better serve your customers"

The West Virginia Rural Water Association is committed to helping it's members better serve their customers across the Mountain State. Please check our resource library, where we have several customer service videos available. (VCR-008, VCR-033, VCR-034, VCR-035, VCR-036, VCR-037, VCR-101, DVD-125) Be sure to check out the articles below for more Public Relations and Customer Service Material.

Public Servant or Public Master: by Calvin Hatfield, WVRWA Mgt. Support Technician
Disgruntled Customers: by Will Miller, WVRWA Circuit Rider
Ten Important Press Release Tips
Free Publicity Tips
The Power of Word of Mouth
The Truths About PR Disasters
Techniques For Generating Publicity
30 Second Radio Spot
Employee Evaluations Revisited:
by Calvin Hatfield, WVRWA ARRA Circuit Rider
Practicing Public Relations: by Mike Hersman, WVRWA Circuit Rider
Wise Words When Dealing with Employee Reprimands: by Calvin Hatfield, WVRWA ARRA Circuit Rider