WVRWA provides Wastewater utility members with the highest quality leadership, representation, and support services. On-site technical assistance and training opportunities for operators and board members is provided through the work of WVRWA's Wastewater Circuit Rider's Jim Johnson and David Mercer who cover the State of West Virginia.  WVRWA's Wastewater Circuit Riders provide services and assistance for:
  • Training Regulatory Requirements
  • Maintenance
  • Health Concerns
  • Finance
  • Operator Certification
  • Management
  • Treatment Plant Operations

WVRWA's Wastewater Training and Technical Assistance Program was launched in July of 1999 and has been designed to offer a wide variety of training topics each year. Classes such as Working in Confined Spaces; Smoke Testing; Collection System Design; Project Funding; Wastewater Treatment Safety; Manhole Rehabilitation; Activated Sludge Control; Bio-Solid Management; NPDES Permits; Lagoon Treatment Methods; and Wastewater Operator Certification exam courses are all a part of this program.  Of course, many other training topics will be covered as the program continues in the months ahead.  Rest assured a wastewater training classes will be taking place at a location near you. Keep watching for training announcements in your mailbox as well as checking Information Central at the WVRWA website for upcoming classes. 

The Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service (RUS) administers the Rural Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program. RUS funds for water and waste disposal facilities must primarily serve rural residents in an area with population of 10,000 or less. Types of applicants for loans and grants consist of public bodies such as municipalities, counties, districts, authorities, or other political subdivisions of a state; organizations that operate on a not-for-profit basis such as associations, cooperatives, and corporations; and Indian tribes on Federal and state reservations and other Federally recognized Indian tribes. The delinquency rate nationwide, on these loans is less than one percent. Grants are not used as primary funding but rather the gap financing that makes the loan feasible for applicants. 

WVRWA is committed to helping systems maintain compliance with every rule and regulation as well overcoming fiscal plant problems. Whether it's training questions or technical support, feel free to call. .

Mr. Johnson's services have helped systems maintain compliance with regulatory laws and to overcome fiscal plant problems and protect the health of citizens.  Jim Johnson can be contacted at 304-704-3830.  His e-mail address is jimjohnson@wvrwa.org.   David Mercer can be contacted at 304-546-1419. His e-mail address is davidmercer@wvrwa.org




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