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Source Water Protection Planning

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FSA's Source Water Protection Program provides rural water systems with guidance and assistance in developing critically needed source water assessment and protection  plans.  Typically these plans include the following components:

  • map outlining the source water protection area
  • source water inventories
  • potential contaminant source inventories
  • each entity's area of responsibility/authority in relation to management of potential sources of contamination
  • preventative measures that may be initiated by each entity
  • contingency plan that will consist of a strategy for supply of safe water to the consumer in the event of contamination or disruption of service
  • constituting a steering committee to review and update the plan; and follow through on preventative measure commitments.¬†

This program is vitally important for West Virginia, where over 1.1 million residents are served by rural public service districts and small municipalities. Protecting the source of supply from contamination is critical not only in West Virginia but across America.

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