WVRWA's EPA Training Program

Water Operator Training Excellence

WVRWA's EPA Program provides rural water operators with free training classes across the Mountain State. These educational courses are designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide excellent service at their facilities and to pass required certification exams and meet the new operator CEH requirements. 


Amy SWann
Training Specialist

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WVRWA's EPA Program helps systems face the challenge of meeting the continuing and complex SDWA standards.  The number of regulated contaminants has recently increased from 26 to 84 and WVRWA is working hard to help rural systems meet all legal requirements by realizing that public health protection rests at the local level where trained personnel are the critical link for public health protection.

Rural water training is very important. Eighty-seven percent of the water systems in the nation serve populations less than 3,300. 

Amy Swanncan be contacted by phone at (304) 201-1689 or toll free at 1-800-339-4513. Amy's e-mail address is amyswann@wvrwa.org 


WVRWA is dedicated to providing the best training possible for West Virginia's water and wastewater plant operators.