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Water Books

HBW-001        Applied Math for Water
HBW-001WB  Applied Math for Water Workbook ** (No Return Required)
HBW-002         Basic Math Concepts for Water & Wastewater Operators
HBW-004         Water Treatment: Principles and Practice of Water Supply Operation
HBW-005         Water Sources: Principles and Practice of Water Supply Operation
HBW-006         Water Quality: Principles and Practice of Water Supply Operation
HBW-007         Water Transmission and Distribution: Principles and Practice
HBW-008         The Water Encyclopedia
HBW-011         Standard Methods for Examination of Water & Wastewater
PBW-001         Water Management and Protection
PBW-002         Water Audits & Leak Protection
PBW-003         Basic Management Practices for Small Water Systems
PBW-004         Environmental Impact of Agricultural Practices & Agrichemicals
PBW-005         Non-point Source Impact Assessment: An Assessment Report
PBW-006         Introducing Groundwater
PBW-007         Guide to Challenging Restrictions on Domestic Well Drilling
PBW-009         Wellhead Protection
PBW-010         Iron Bacteria and Wells
PBW-011         Landfills
PBW-012         Well Abandonment
PBW-013         Migration & Remediation of NAPL
PBW-014         Criteria, Standards of the Ground Water Industry
PBW-015         Corrosion & Incrustation of Water Wells
PBW-016         Water Well Driller's Beginning Training Manual
PBW-017         Basic Groundwater Hydrology
PBW-018         Water Distribution Operator Training Handbook
PBW-019         Risk Communication (Communicating Environmental Regs)
PBW-020         The Hidden Sea: Groundwater, Springs, and Wells
SBW-002         Financial Accounting Guide for Small Water Utilities
SBW-003         Getting Results from Experts (Engineers, Attorneys, and more)
SBW-004         Practical Personnel Management
SBW-001         Water Board Bible
SBW-008         (AWWA) Water Operator Certification Study Guide
PBW-007IG     Troubleshooting Electric/Electronic Systems Instructors Guide
HBW-009         Electrical Motor Controls
HBW-010WB   NRWA-Lead and Copper Sampling Workbook
HBW-010IG     NRWA-Lead and Copper Sampling Instructors Guide
HBW-011         Standard Methods for the Examination of Water & Wastewater
HBW-012         US EPA Water Conservation Plan Guidelines Aug. 1998
HBW-013         US EPA Cleaner Water Through Conservation
HBW-014         Water Treatment Plant Operation Vol. 1
HBW-015         Water Treatment Plant Operation Vol. 1
HBW-016         Microbial Quality of Water Supply in Distribution Systems
HBW-018         Water & Revenue Losses: Unaccounted For Water
HBW-019         Water Utility Management
HBW-020         Water Meters - Selection, Installation, Testing, & Maintenance
HBW-021         Leaks in Water Distribution Systems
HBW-022         Water Utility Accounting Third Edition
HBW-023         Public Involvement Strategies: A Manager's Handbook
HBW-025         Water Main Evaluation for Rehabilitation/Replacement
HBW-026         Manual of Water Well Construction Practices 2nd Edition
HBW-028         Hydrology: The Geology of North America
HBW-028         Groundwater Chemistry
HBW-029         Geological Aspects of Hazardous Waste Management
HBW-030         Water Quality Data Report
HBW-031         Practical Manual of Groundwater Microbiology
HBW-032         Designing Groundwater Models with WINDOWS
HBW-033         Vadose Zone Hydrology
HBW-034         DNAPL Site Evaluation
HBW-035         Handbook of Groundwater Engineering
HBW-036         Chemistry of Water Treatment
HBW-037         Hydrogeology and Groundwater Modeling
HBW-038         NGWA: The First Fifty Years
HBW-039         Water Sourcebook: A Series of Classroom Activities for Grades K-12
HBW-040         The Water Sourcebook: Grades 6 - 8
HBW-041         The Water Sourcebook: Grades 3 - 5
HBW-042         Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated Solvents...
HBW-043         Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvent Contamination
HBW-044         Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon
HBW-045         Bioremediation of Metals and Inorganic Compounds
HBW-046         Bioreactor and Ex Situ Biological Treatment
HBW-047         Phytoremediation and Innovative Strategies
HBW-048         Bioremediation of Haloaromatic Compounds
HBW-049         Bioremediation Technologies for Hydrocarbon Compounds
HBW-050         Permeable Barriers for Groundwater Remediation
HBW-051         Wetlands & Remediation
HBW-052         Options for Remote Monitoring of Facilities
HBW-053         Options for Leak and Break Detection and Repair of Systems
HBW-055         Physical and Thermal Technologies & Chlorinated Compounds
HBW-056         Bioremediation & Phytoremediation of Chlorinated Compounds
HBW-057         Risk, Regulatory & Monetary Condisderations
HBW-058         Natural Attenuation Considerations & Case Studies
HBW-059         Treating Dense Nonaqueous Phase Lipids
HBW-060         Case Studies in Remediation of Chlorinated Compounds
HBW-061         Vadose Zone: Science & Technology Solutions - Volume I
HBW-062         Vadose Zone: Science & Technology Solutions - Volume II
HBW-063         Water Distribution System Operation & Maintenance
HBW-064         Small Water System Operation & Maintenance
HBW-065         Water Treatment Plant Operation Volume I
HBW-066         Water Treatment Plant Operation Volume II
HBW-067         Water System Security: Threat & Emergency Response Guidance Manual
HBW-067         Water System Security: Threat & Emergency Response Guidance Manual
HBW-068         Distribution Generated Taste & Odor Phenomena
HBW-069         Pathogen Intrusion into the Distribution System
HBW-070         Water Processing: Residential, Commercial, Light-Industrial

Wastewater Books

HBW-002         Basic Math Concepts for Water & Wastewater Operators
HBWW-100     Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Vol. 1, 5th Edition
HBWW-101     Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Vol. 2, 5th Edition
HBWW-102     Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Vol. 3, 5th Edition
PBWW-114     Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Vol. 1, 2nd Edition
PBWW-115     Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Vol. 2, 2nd Edition
PBWW-116     Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Vol. 3, 2nd Edition
HBWW-103     Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Vol. I
HBWW-104     Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Vol. II
HBWW-105     Wastewater Disinfection
HBWW-106     Wastewater Residuals Stabilization
HBWW-107     Developing Source Control Programs for Commercial & Indust. Wastewater
HBWW-108     Wastewater Sampling for Process and Quality Control
HBWW-109     Odor Control in Wastewater Treatment Plants
HBWW-110     Existing Sewer Evaluations & Rehabilitation
HBWW-111     Preliminary Treatment for Wastewater Facilities
HBWW-112     Disinfection By-Products in Water Treatment
HBWW-113     Wastewater Organisms A Color Atlas
HBWW-114     Applied Math for Wastewater Plant Operators
HBWW-114WB     Applied Math For Wastewater Plant Operators Workbook
HBWW-115     Operation & Maintenance of Wastewater Collection Systems Vol. 1
HBWW-116     Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Collection Systems Vol. II
HBWW-117     Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants Vol. I
HBWW-118     Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants Vol. II
PBWW-100     Sludge Thickening- Manual of Practice No. FD-1
PBWW-101     Clarifier Design - Manual of Practice FD-8
PBWW-102     Aeration - Manual of Practice FD-13
PBWW-103     Plant Maintenance Program - Manual of Practice OM-3
PBWW-104     Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment - Manual of Practice FD-16
PBWW-106     Design of Wastewater & Storm Water Pumping Stations Manual of Practice FD-4
PBWW-107     Prime Movers Engines, Motors, Turbines, Pumps, Blowers & Generators - Manual of Practice OM-5
PBWW-108     Nutrient Control - Manual of Practice FD-7
PBWW-109     Popular Plant Mnger - How to Win Public Support - Manual of Practice SM-6
PBWW-110     Safety and Health in Wastewater Systems - Manual of Practice SM-1
PBWW-111     Plant Managers Handbook - Manual of Practice SM-4
PBWW-112     Wastewater Collection Systems Management Manual of Practice SM-7
PBWW-113     Alternative Sewer Systems - Manual of Practice FD-12

Wastewater Pamphlets (Free Upon Request)

PAM-025         Training Guide: Bacteriological Sampling
PAM-026         Training Guide: Pumps & Motors
PAM-032         Math for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators - Part I
PAM-033         Math for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators - Part II
PAM-034         Math for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators - Part III
PAM-035         Technical Brief: Wastewater Operation & Maint.- Recording Daily Activities.
PAM-036         Technical Brief: Activated Sludge Process Control
PAM-037         Technical Brief: Safety in Entering Confined Spaces
PAM-038         Technical Brief: Troubleshooting Wastewater Lagoons
PAM-043         Helping Rural & Municipal Water & Wastewater Systems Help Themselves
PAM-046         Gas Chlorination - Parts, Operation, Equipment, Testing

CD-ROM Selections

CD-001         Standard Methods for the Examination of Water & Wastewater 20th edition
CD-002         SEMS Software Suite (Security and Environmental Management System)
CD-003         Emergency response Tabletop Exercises for Drinking Water & Wastewater Systems

Video Tapes & DVD's

VCR-001         Chlorine Safety Runtime 19:00
VCR-002         Confined Spaces, Deadly Places Runtime 21:42
VCR-003         Working in the Hazard Zone: Breathing Easy Runtime 19:00
VCR-004         Confined Space Safety and Rescue Runtime 45:01
VCR-005         Trenching and Excavation Safety Runtime 18:55
VCR-006         Construction Shoring and Safety Runtime 19:22
VCR-007         Cave-In Response Runtime 23:19
VCR-008         Communicating with Irate Customers Runtime 14:22
VCR-009         Emergency Planning Runtime 13:00
VCR-010         Life Saving Through Air Monitoring Runtime 11:53
VCR-011         Chlorine Safety Runtime 11:33
VCR-012         Emergency Crisis Management Runtime 14:00
VCR-013         Conducting Flow Tests Runtime 15:00
VCR-014         Fire Hydrant Maintenance Runtime 15:00
VCR-015         Survival By Permit Runtime 16:00
VCR-016         Safety Bite Chlorine Safety Runtime 5:00
VCR-017         Water & Sewer Treatment Plant Runtime 17:28
VCR-018         Working in Confined Spaces Runtime 19:23
VCR-019         The Problem with Shallow Disposal Systems Runtime 15:30
VCR-020         Cross Connections
VCR-021         Orientation to Laboratory Safety Runtime 11:00
VCR-022         Corrosion Control Strategies and Solutions Runtime 39:00
VCR-023         Ten Miles to Fetch Water - A Crisis in the West Virginia Coalfields Runtime 28:30
VCR-024         Source Water Protection
VCR-025         No Injury, No Accident Runtime 15:00
VCR-026         Blindfold Effect: Driving Safely Runtime 20:00
VCR-027         Close Calls: The Wake Up Call Runtime 17:00
VCR-028         It Only Takes A Second Runtime 4:00
VCR-029         Safety Bite: Trenching & Shoring Safety Runtime 6:14
VCR-030         On The Road: The Lighter Side of Lifting
VCR-031         Preparing for Water Main Breaks RT25:00
VCR-032         Responding To Water Main Breaks RT22:00
VCR-033         Public Affairs for Water Utilities RT20:00
VCR-034         Customer Service for Water Utilities RT 30:00
VCR-035         Customer Service for Field Reps Runtime 30:00
VCR-036         Customer Service: Working With Difficult Customers RT23:00
VCR-037         Customer Service II: A Team Effort RT23:00
VCR-037A       Compilation of VCR-034, VCR-035. VCR-036, VCR-037
VCR-038         Parliamentary Procedure Made Simple Runtime 80:00
VCR-039         Back In Business Runtime 19:25
VCR-040         Computer Ergonomics Runtime 80:00
VCR-041         Water 2000 Campaign Kit Runtime 80:00
VCR-042         Approaches to Onsite Management
VCR-043         Community Onsite Options: Wastewater Management in the New Millenium
VCR-044         Upgrading Wastewater for Small Communities
VCR-045         Municipal Wastewater "Americas Forgotten Resource"
VCR-046         Modified Theory for Leaky Aquifers Runtime 84:00
VCR-047         Aquifer Boundaries and Theory of Images Runtime 34:00
VCR-048         Unconfined Methods (Groundwater) Runtime 47:00
VCR-049         Open Governmental Proceedings Act Runtime 20:00
VCR-050         Waters of Despair (Corrinne Water System) Runtime 35:00
VCR-051         Misty Water Drop - Water Conservation Runtime 22:00
VCR-052         Wellhead Protection
VCR-053         Introduction to SCBA Runtime: 25:00
VCR-054         Introduction to New Public Notice Regulations: 23:00
VCR-055         AWWA Satellite Teleconference: Maintaining Water Quality in the Distribution System (2 Tapes)
VCR-056         Stage I D/DBP and IESWTR Compliance Essentials
VCR-057         Stage I D/DBP and IESWTR Compliance Essentials
VCR-058         Jar Testing
VCR-059         Mars Needs Water: Protecting Drinking Water
VCR-060         Small Community Wastewater Treatment: Management and Myths
VCR-061         Filtration
VCR-062         Disinfection
VCR-063         Disinfection By-Product Control
VCR-064         Ozone
VCR-065         Membranes
VCR-066         Turbidity Measurement / Particle Counting
VCR-067         Distribution Systems Overview: A Case Study
VCR-068         Centrifugal Pumps
VCR-069         Flushing and Cleaning
VCR-070         Leak Detection and Repair
VCR-071         Maintaining Water Quality in the Distribution System
VCR-072         Understanding Disinfection By-Products: An Overview
VCR-073         Safety First: Water Utility Security
VCR-074         Critical Infrastructure Protection
VCR-075         Water Utility Security: A Video Field Guide
VCR-076         Helping Utilities Plan for the Future
VCR-077         Basic Principles for New Water Managers
VCR-078         The Safe handling of Water Treatment Chemicals
VCR-079         The Basics of Waterborne Pathogens (Tape 1)
VCR-080         The Basics of Waterborne Pathogens (Tape 2)
VCR-081         Operator Math Made Easy
VCR-082         Chemistry
VCR-083         Filter Surveillance Technologies for Water Utilities
VCR-084         Taste and Odor: An Operators Toolbox
VCR-085         AWWA Standards
VCR-086         Uni-directional Flushing
VCR-087         SCBA Safety and Emergency Procedures: Bread and Butter Organizations
VCR-088         Practicing Safe Science
VCR-089         Water-wise with the Water Sourcebook
VCR-090         Community Onsite Options: Wastewater Management in the New Millennium
VCR-091         A Native American Aspect on Water
VCR-092         Micro life in the Activated Sludge Process
VCR-093         Clean water: What's it Worth?
VCR-094         This is WVRWA
VCR-095         Capacity Development
VCR-096         Security Vulnerability Assessment
VCR-097         Emergency Response Plan (VHS Format)
VCR-098         Groundwater Characteristics (VHS Format)
VCR-099         New Horizons: The New Workplace
VCR-100         Backwash Basics
VCR-101         Customer Relations and Regulations
VCR-102         Water Sampling and Handling
VCR-103         Defensive Driving Techniques
VCR-104         Real Accidents Real People
VCR-105         Emergency Planning
VCR-106         Chlorine Safety
VCR-107         Water and Sewer Treatment Plant Safety
VCR-108         Backhoe Safety and Operation
VCR-109         Turbidity Measurement / Particle Counting
VCR-110         Sexual Harassment
VCR-111         Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
VCR-112         H2O Groundwater Video
VCR-113         Engineered Systems for the Wastewater Industry
VCR-114         WVDEP Update: Coal Fired Power Plants and State Revolving Fund
VCR-115         Back Safety: Lumbar Lock Presentation
VCR-116         Fluoride Sampling & Handling (57 minutes)
VCR-117         WVDEP Update: CSO's and State Revolving Fund
VCR-118         Clear Success, Continued Challenge
VCR-119         AWWA: New Horizons - Critical Infrastructure
VCR-120         AWWA: Critical Infrastructure Protection
VCR-121         AWWA: Public Affairs
VCR-122         AWWA: System Security
VCR-123         AWWA: Filtration / Turbidity
VCR-124         Jar Testing Basics
VCR-125         Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control
VCR-126         Emergency Planning: The Big Picture for Water Utilities
VCR-127         Water System Security: First Responders
VCR-128         Safety Basics II: Another 12 Building Blocks of Safety
VCR-129         Water Treatment Plant Chemical Security & Protection
VCR-130         Filter Surveillance Techniques for Water Utilities
VCR-131         Rehabilitation Techniques for Water Mains
VCR-132         Work Zone Safety for Construction and Utility Employees
VCR-133         Thinking Ahead: Driver's Safety
VCR-134         Storm Water Pollution Prevention
VCR-135         Storm Management Summit Training
VCR-136         Hydrogen Sulfide Safety
VCR-137         Loader-Backhoe Operator Safety Part 1
VCR-138         Loader-Backhoe Operator Safety Part 2
VCR-139         Fire Extinguisher Training and Use
VCR-140         Selection & Use of Respirators
VCR-141         Bucket Truck Safety : Training for Operators
VCR-142         Lock-Out / Tag-Out Procedures
VCR-143         The Five Deadly Driving Mistakes
VCR-144         Employee Safety Orientation
VCR-145         Dump Truck Safety
VCR-146         Chain Saw Safety
VCR-147         Flagging Safety
VCR-148         Severe Weather Alert
VCR-149         Emergencies- Hurricanes, Tornados, and Floods
VCR-150         Electrical Safety Part 1- Shock Proof Unqualified
VCR-151         Electrical Safety Illustrated
DVD-098         Groundwater Characteristics (DVD Format)
DVD-125         Customer Relations & Regulations
DVD-126         Fluoride Sampling & Handling
DVD-127         Rural Water Management
DVD-128         Safety Basics
DVD-129         Elevated Water Storage Tanks: Maintenance, Safety, and Security
DVD-130         Safety First: Heavy Equipment Yard Practices
DVD-131         Utility Excavation: Trenching & Shoring Backhoe Safety
DVD-132         Safety First: Pipe Handling for Field Crews