Infocentral is the source for all things rural water.  You will find in this section information on the following:

Jobline is the place to find out who is hiring in the water and wastewater community.

Job descriptions is the place to find descriptions of job commonly held in the water and wastewater field.  These are provided to help utilities when looking for or posting job advertisements for new employees.

Classifieds is the place to find just about anything you could possibly want to buy (some for free) that is related to water and wastewater.

The WVRWA Library is the place to find study material, books and videos that WVRWA loans out to members to help them with in-house training and in-house safety programs.

The WVRWA Security Forum helps utilities deal with the BioTerriorism Act and provides links to important government sites.

The Drought Monitor is a website that does just that monitors drought conditions and weather in the United States.

The USGS Water Watch provides visual maps that show the water flow/run off, current streamflow, floods and droughts in the US.

The WVRWA Kids Page provides a source for teaches and kids alike to find fun ways to learn about water.