Board and Staff

The West Virginia Rural Water Association (WVRWA) was created in 1985 to provide technical assistance and training to the small water systems of West Virginia. Our programs consist of a Wastewater program, a FSA Sourcewater Program, and three Water Circuit Rider programs. In 1998, a training specialist joined the WVRWA staff through what is now known as the Hours for Education and Learning Program (H.E.L.P.). A program for wastewater classroom training was added in July of 1999.  WVRWA now has ten professionals working in the field providing on-site assistance to small public water and wastewater systems and non-community water systems. In addition to the field staff, our office is staffed with an executive director, bookkeeper, secretary/receptionist, and an information technology specialist.

The Board of Directors for the West Virginia Rural Water Association consists of two members from each region of the state.  The state is broken down into six regions for a total of twelve board members.  These board members are elected from our voting membership at our annual conference held each year in the fall.